Building a website can start off as a hobby and sometimes turn into a full time job, exceeding every other job you have ever had. If you are on this path, then you will want to start using WordPress for all your website building needs. Do not make the mistake of messing around with other Website creation tools and content managers when I can tell you right now that you will end up using WordPress anyway.

Why waste your precious time designing websites and tweaking them when WordPress will do it all for you. All you have to do is install a theme, which in most cases will be free, then install plugins you need, and away you go.

Most people make the mistake of presuming that the WordPress content management system simply only creates a blog. However now days it is extremely hard to tell the difference now. Even the big companies are moving to WordPress and tweaking the themes so much that you cannot even tell that is is simply a WordPress Blog.

Here three good reasons why I personally use WordPress:

1. There are some really great free themes available and you do not have to waste time designing a website. You can build a Website into a gallery, video library, a sales page, a membership site, and more. There is a theme for everything.

2. There is also a plugin for everything that makes life easy. You can install a plugin to monitor spam comments, send an email to first time commenter, do SEO for you, submit a site map to Google, add links to related posts at the end of posts, bring RSS feeds in, publish posts for you, find broken links, create affiliate links, and more..

3. It is easy to learn how to post, edit, and customize. This is a fact as I teach people how to make websites using WordPress. I seriously couldn’t imagine trying to teach them HTML code or php from scratch. Now that we have WordPress I so not have to.

If you are new to building websites or an old hand, you will be able to update your own website and stay in control when you use the WordPress to manage your content. There are people out there making a living out of doing this and you can too! Be sure to visit my website for some free help today.